3 Top Features of an Online Booking System

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There are many, many incredible features of Online Booking Systems but we thought we would tease you with our Top 3 so you can get a quick easy understanding of how using an Online Booking Platform such as Instabook might make your life much easier.


Give yourself back valuable time by automating the booking and confirmation process. Instabook gives you the option to automate class booking confirmation, cancellations as well as class booking reminders and any notifications you might need to send clients ahead of a class.


Figure out trends of your business, attendance, revenue and much more so that you can more effectively allocate resources, measure success as well as helping with budgeting accordingly.

Online Booking

Allow clients to view your schedule, pay and book in advance, cancel class bookings from their computer or their smartphone at a time that is most convenient for them.

To find out more about Instabook, visit our website or contact us for a free branded preview.

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