5 Top Tips to Get Healthier Today

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Natasha Cornish

Here at Instabook HQ, we work with a lot of companies and individuals within the health and wellness industry. The majority of which promote movement / fitness / exercise (whatever you want to call it) combined with a healthy diet. But, we’ve been thinking a lot lately about what actually is 'healthy', both in terms of fitness and food.

Is the person with the 6 pack that lifts weights 5 days a week and regularly cuts carbs healthier than the person that does a couple gentle yoga classes a week and eats what they want, when they want? Does being a size 10 instantly make you healthier than a size 18 just because of the number on the clothes tag - regardless of lifestyle and mental wellbeing?

What really does define a healthy lifestyle and is this a ‘one size fits all’?

We’re also curious, and a little sad, as to why the media is still not giving more airtime to mental health. The focus should be on healthy eating patterns over obsessive clean eating and real movement for the body that isn’t based around the ‘no pain, no gain mentality’…

This subject leads us down the path of the body positivity movement but before we release a blog on this (because it’s a hugely contentious subject), we wanted today, to just offer you some of our own tips on how you can be healthier.

1) Forget about the ‘calories’ and go for that pizza with your friends

The mental benefits of laughing with friends and creating memories definitely out-weighs the few extra calories in your meal

2) Switch up your heavy training session (whatever that is for you, running, weights) for a yoga or meditation class

Give yourself an opportunity at least once a week to slow down and reconnect with your body, to listen to what you really feel, both physically and emotionally and then start to act based on that

3)  Unfollow the accounts on social media that leave you feeling inadequate

We all have at least a few people we follow online that trigger us in some way - unfollow them immediately. If you must spend time on social media, at least make sure that you feel good when you’re scrolling

4) Remind yourself of this harsh but true fact: Nobody else gives a damn what you look like

Worrying someone is going to notice if you have cellulite is all in your own mind – stop spoon feeding yourself negativity and eating it up

5) Drink more water

This bit of advice is totally on-point, always. Stay hydrated you beautiful humans!

Remember, health is about way more than a number on a scale or how you look in swim wear. Health should always start on the inside, and that looks different for pretty much all of us. Embrace who you are today and work toward being a happier you for your soul – not your reflection.  

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