Essential Oils - The Smell of Wellness

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You’ve no doubt heard the hype around essential oils and the myriad of ways they can enhance your life and your general wellbeing from aromatherapy, treating skin conditions, soothing aching muscles and helping with anxiety and sleep all the way to cleaning your home! Getting started can be overwhelming so we thought we’d put together a few easy way to incorporate them into your life:                                                                                                

  1. Find your scent:  Find essential oils that you naturally gravitate to. Sniff lots of different scents and blends and be guided by what your body responds to, trust that it knows what you need.


  1. Diffuse them in your air. One of the most straightforward  ways to use essential  oils is to diffuse them in your home. There are plenty of aromatherapy diffusers on the market that will also act a mini humidifier too and everyone in the home can appreciate the beautiful smells!


  1. Walk before you can run: Familiarise yourself with topical oils before you begin ingesting them in food or using them to treat skin conditions. It can be tempting to go all in but make sure you’re using the right blends, appropriately diluted before applying them directly to your skin or food to make sure you don't have any bad reactions!


  1. Create a simple wellness ritual: If using them in your home still feels too much, maybe just start by using them as a way to ground yourself at the beginning of your yoga or meditation practice – clary sage is a wonderful grounding scent! 


Do you already use essential oils? If so, let us know your favourite recommendations in the comments below!

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