I live a super busy life but it isn’t busy in the way it used to be when I was employed and working to somebody else’s timeline. Now, my days are entirely mine to manage and in actual fact, I often find it harder to find time for myself than I did before someone else dictated my spare time.

I’m a yoga instructor, running public, private and corporate classes as well as travelling around the world hosting retreats. This sounds like the dream right? I know, it is, but it doesn’t come without its downfalls and sacrifices. I might only actually teach 2 - 4 classes per day BUT these are all at different ends of the city and so I need to allow almost an hour either side of classes to get there and set up, not to mention that not all classes run concurrently which means I’m often left with an awkward amount of time between each. Using this spare time productively OR making the choice instead to take some ‘me’ time is a decision that doesn’t always feel easy since we live in a world where the word ‘BUSY’ has become so glorified!

The longer I work for myself though, the more ways I am finding to practice the ‘pause’, allowing myself a break and manage my time more efficiently. Here’s how:

Self Date Nights

Once a week I make time to do something alone. Sometimes this is a coffee by myself somewhere (without my phone!), going for a walk alone the seafront, a candlelit yoga practice,  or sometimes I even just disappear to another part of the house to read. I try to do just do something, anything, to free up space in  my busy head, without my mobile phone.

Treat Myself

This is often just an extension of the previous self date night. Once a month, I treat myself, this can be anything I like, such as shopping, a spa day, a movie, or even just spending time with my friends and catching up on their lives. I do whatever I feel like is a treat in the moment, the point is ‘me’ time and so long as I feel like I’m getting it, it counts.

Be organised

I always aim to spend a morning organising my time and planning for my week ahead. I like to make lists and order in terms of priority. I also spent time back when I began feeling overwhelmed with admin tasks to seek out Instabook which is an amazing online class booking system, now I have freed up HOURS of time by not having to manually book people in and out of classes, take payments and checking on attendance. Check out how Instabook can help you too with our booking system features.

These are just a few of my ways to find time for myself. I’m not perfect at it and I’m still learning and improving, but I know if I don’t spend the time filling up my own cup, then I will eventually end up trying to pour from an empty one!  

I would love to hear the ways you find time for YOU! Comment below and let me know.  

And be sure to check out Instabook for yourself because maybe it can also give you some time back.


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