Plastic Free Living When Travelling

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Natasha Cornish

Being almost at the end of my third month being totally plastic free and having travelled to 4 different countries in that time, I am starting to build a list of my top tips for living more sustainably and plastic free on the move. I thought that our Instabook fam might love to know these too so here they are:

1: Always carry your own utensils

I never leave the house with my BamBaw cutlery set which has a knife, fork, spoon, straw and straw cleaner. You never know when you might get caught out and they really don’t take up any room so it’s super convenient to carry around with you.

2: Invest in a collapsible coffee cup

Admittedly, carrying around a regular re-usable coffee cup can be a bit of a nightmare, especially because often they’re quite bulky. Thankfully, there are some really great, leak-proof collapsible options now. Check out Pokito cups for a great, cost effective option!

3: Never leave the house without your own water bottle

It goes without saying that you should always keep your own water bottle with you so you can avoid purchasing plastic bottles. Most places in the UK will happily re-fill these for you free of charge, travelling to other parts of the world can be a bit more of a challenge so…

4. Solid cosmetic bars

Changing to plastic free alternatives has actually changed my life! Not only are these way eco-friendlier, they also weigh absolutely nothing so flying has never been easier. Not only will you save weight by changing but you can also pack these in your hand luggage so they’re perfect for flights you’re not needing to check a bag in for!

5. Carry a foldable tote

I have been caught out a couple times when I’ve unexpectedly gone shopping and not had a bag with me (I once carried around jeans and a vest until I had to head back to my car!) – you can purchase little foldup bags that take up no space so it’s a no brainer to make sure you don’t get caught short!

I will give you lots more of my top tips later in the year but for now – try these and let us know how you get on!

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