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Wellness and Wellbeing are the new buzz words, the new black if you like. If you aren’t engaging in some form of wellness activity then we’d like to know where you’ve been hiding?...Just kidding, but also not. Wellbeing is rightfully becoming something that you can’t ignore however, the word itself is not always very well defined and can leave some people scratching their heads at what it really means therefore, we thought we’d just spend a little bit of time clearing this up.


So, according to, ‘Wellness’ is:


the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort

Still a pretty broad definition, huh,  so we thought we’d break it down into the various categories as we see it and a few ways you can practice ‘wellbeing’ within these:

Emotional Wellness

Think of this as your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. It allows you to clearly recognise and accept your feelings, both positive or negative. You can begin increasing your emotional wellness by doing the following:

·       Learning to accept your emotions, whether good, bad, or ugly

·       Building and maintaining strong relationships

·       Practicing mindfulness

·       Maintaining a good work/life balance

·       Seeking professional support when necessary

Spiritual Wellness

This is the process by which you seek meaning and purpose in life. This can be achieved in a variety of ways:

·       Performing daily positive affirmations

·       Practicing yoga

·       Meditating

·       Taking the time to think about who you are and exploring your inner self

·       Digging deeper and exploring things you’re curious about


Physical Wellness

Physical wellness is the idea of keeping your body in optimal condition and health. By engaging in the below you can improve this more easily:

·       Exercising for at least 30 minutes a day

·       Consuming a well-balanced diet

·       Scheduling routine physical exams with a medical provider

·       Getting enough sleep at night

·       Learning to listen to your body and recognise early signs of illness

Social Wellness

Your ability to connect with others and maintain strong relationships. Surrounding yourself with positive people and being comfortable with who you are in social environment can really help this as well as:

·       Scheduling time to be with family or friends

·       Reaching out to friends you haven’t talked to in a while to see how they’re doing

·       Practicing active listening when others are talking

·       Making an effort to build new relationships

·       Refraining from blaming ,judging, or criticising others

Intellectual Wellness

Participating in mentally stimulating activities that challenge your overall knowledge and skill sets, such as:

·       Trying out new hobbies

·       Being open-minded about the views, opinions, and ideas of others

·       Learning a foreign language

·       Reading fiction and non-fiction books to spark your imagination

·       Exploring your creative side

Environmental Wellness:

Environmental wellness is the way you feel about and protect the world around you and consciously try to make small differences by:

·       Recycling whenever possible

·       Using reusable shopping bags and water bottles

·       Electing to walk or bike to your destination of choice instead of driving

·       Conserving the use of water running

·       Cleaning with environmentally friendly products


Occupational Wellness

Maximising your workplace happiness by focusing on work that brings you a sense of joy, satisfaction, and accomplishment. This can be done by:

·       Thinking about the types of work that brings you joy and satisfaction

·       Establishing a good work/life balance to avoid burn out

·       Building strong relationships with co-workers, colleagues, and executives in your industry

·       Setting career goals that foster positive growth and professional development

·       Scheduling time for innovative thinking and professional development


Financial Wellness

This is learning how to best manage your money. It can be achieved by gaining a strong understanding of where your money comes from as well as how you spend, save, and invest it, as well as:

·       Not living beyond your means

·       Paying off your credit cards each month

·       Building up a savings account

·       Creating and following a budget

·       Setting short-term and long-term financial goals


So there you go – a (not so brief) but certainly more detailed definition of wellness! Let us know if this was helpful? Be sure to check out our Instagram stories (@tryinstabook) every Wednesday for our top #WellnessWednesday tips!

Over and out!

Team Instabook :)

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