Top 10 Gym Etiquette Rules

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Natasha Cornish

Re-rack your weights

When you’ve finished with your weights – put them back on the rack! There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to find one dumbbell when you’re looking for a pair or having to re-rack somebody else’s weights – especially if you’re  not lifting that heavy.

Check the machine is free

Give it a minute before immediately hopping on to a piece of free equipment someone has been using or just ask if they done with it. It’s considerate and chances are you can probably just hop on when they’re between sets. It's always good to ask. 

Be considerate of 'super setting' in a busy gym 

Don’t hog the whole gym – you will make yourself some enemies. If you’re going to superset when the gym is busy then perhaps just stick to 2 machines. 

Don’t sit on the equipment if you’re not using it 

It might be called a bench… but don’t treat it like one in the park. Let other people get to the equipment when you are not using it.

Don’t leave your personal mess around the gym 

Ideally use the locker rooms but if you can't for any reason then don’t leave your things in the way, tuck them in the corner, other gym go-ers shouldn't have to work around your things, and items may get damaged if you leave them laying around. 

Take a towel 

How does sitting on someone’s butt sweat sound to you? Gross? Exactly, wipe your sweat off anything it’s touched with some disinfectant. Don’t be that guy / gal in the gym. It’s unhygienic and off putting.  

If you must selfie – be discreet 

We know gym selfies are a thing but don’t inconvenience anyone else just to get that perfectly lit shot. Be quick and discreet about them. Make sure you tag us though :) 

Don’t spend an hour on the treadmill at peak time

If the gym is busy, stick to the time limits on machines. If you planned on doing an hour of cardio in the gym then maybe don’t do it all on the treadmill. Mix it up to free up equipment for other people. 

Don’t try and score a date 

The gym is a bit of a sacred time for most people, a place to get their head down and tune out, to get sweaty and get 'it' all out of their system. Try to leave people to their work out, chances are that girl / guy doesn’t want you to interrupt them mid squat to ask for their number. 

Just be considerate

None of the above is out of the ordinary– treat the gym with respect, like the space you want to be in, and everyone can enjoy a good workout together.

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