Instabook -  A better way to manage your classes, courses and workshops

A better way to manage your clients, classes, courses & workshops.


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Instabook is a delightfully simple online booking system for businesses and individuals offering class based services, appointments and workshops.  We’ve made it easier than ever to create schedules, manage bookings, take payment and to better engage your customers with messages that matter to them.


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"The team at Instabook are incredibly helpful and responsive and I love that the system is evolving and improving all the time."

Vicky L, Founder - Harbour Yoga

“Our clients love Instabook. It's great that the system is super reliable, pricing works for our budget and whenever we have a question they're  back  quickly with a solution.”

Luke Dixon, Co-Founder - Impact Boxing
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Schedule, Booking & Payments

Instabook allows your clients to view, book, buy and cancel classes, courses and workshops 24 hours a day. That means you're open for business...even when you're not.

Front Desk Anywhere

Manage your business from anywhere on any screen. Our fully responsive Front Desk just made the desk completely optional. Finally.

Flexible Purchase Options

From drop-ins to class packs to recurring monthly memberships, your clients want to buy your classes in different ways. Now they can, with Instabook.

Marketing... That Actually Works

We all need a nudge every now and then. From intro offers to promo codes to automated re-engagement emails, we've built in everything you need to attract, retain and engage your clients.

Your Schedule. Your Brand.

It's your brand, so why hide it? Our client-facing schedules allow you to add a logo, pick a color scheme, choose your button styles and even select text display - all designed to bring your brand front and center.

Manage Less. Do More.

From automated notifications to one-touch client management, we help you make the most of the time you put into your business so you can focus on what matters most to you and your clients.

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