Weekly Update w/c 23rd May 2022

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This Week at Instabook: Launch Update

Happy Tuesday everybody - we hope you're all well and enjoying the last full week of May!  Here at Instabook HQ, we spent most of last week improving our new client onboarding flows, but we did manage to add a couple new video view reports for existing clients as well.  We're also excited to share a Beta preview of our new WellFit Toolkit - a collection of useful tools and great partners available to help you grow your brand.

Video View Reports - We've updated how we process and record video views in order to (i) provide you with better reporting around which of your videos are most popular over specific timeframes and (ii) provide the foundation for adding a "Trending" video sort option later this summer.  The new structure of Video Views unfortunately means that we'll only be able to use this new data in reports starting from launch (this morning) and extending into the future. Your past view data will remain valid in your video grid and on client accounts, but those views won't show up in these reports. To check out the new reports, pop over to your Reports tab and see "Video Popularity" (a summary of popularity by Video) and "Video Views" (a list of all video views) for a given date range. Thanks, Katie from Kind by KG for the original suggestion on this one!

WellFit Toolkit (Beta) - As an instructor or small studio, the tools and partners available to help you launch and build your brand are always changing - never more so than in the last couple years.  We've always kept an in-house database of tools and partners available in this space, but we didn't feel like it was doing us as much good as it could do you. So, as a first step, we built a page for the data we have and opened it up for everyone to use.  Watch this space for more categories (think: coaches, designers, SEO, etc) and functionality soon - with the ultimate goal here being to (i) help you quickly and easily connect with great partners for your business whenever you're ready for them and (ii) use our collective buying power as a community to get you the best possible pricing on the tools and services you want to use.

That's it from us on the platform side for this week - thanks again for all the positive feedback and super helpful suggestions!

Best wishes,
Team Instabook

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