Weekly Update w/c 6th June

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Hey everyone - we hope you had a great long weekend wherever you are and settling into the new week nicely!

Following on from our previous email, we have taken the time this week to ensure you have all the tools and information you need for the new features in order to take your business to the next level! Therefore the new launch update this week is all about how you can learn and understand these in three new ways!

  • Alerts Tab Updates & Walkthroughs - As most of you know, each week our product team builds new features our community requests that make Instabook easier to use and more helpful for everyone.  The most common feedback we have on each new feature we launch is "I love this!".  And then it gets interesting: the second most common is " do I use it?" and the third is "Where can I see all these new features?".  To sort all this out, we've updated the Alerts tab on your admin site (bell icon, upper right) to (i) show an "new alerts" dot over the Alerts bell whenever a new alert is available that that you haven't seen yet and (ii) add a step-by-step guide to each new feature that shows you how it works when we launch it.
  • Live Demos - On top of that we are now launching live demo sessions for new and existing clients! This will be a great way to meet the team (yes we are real people!), allow us to show you how the system works whilst also being able to answer any questions you have about the use of the system. To book, simply click here. The first one is starting Thursday 16th June!

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