Weekly Update w/c 18th May

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This Week at Instabook

Hey everybody - happy Wednesday!  

We hope your week is off to a great start - ours has been cracking here at Instabook.  We've had loads of great chats with instructors and studios and still managed to add a few frequently-requested features to the platform:

- Sell video courses.  Thanks, everybody, for showing this in so many times we simply had to build it! As of last night, you can now sell access to specific on-demand Video Courses (formerly Video Series) without granting full access to your full Video Library.  To do that, you can either (i) create a specific Course Pack on the Video tab and assign it to a Video Course or (ii) add a specific Video Course onto any existing Class Pack or Membership by editing the Video Course, Class Pack or Membership.  Clients purchase Video Courses through the existing purchase flows, which also means you can assign promo codes for discounts as well.  This feature will likely evolve a bit over the next few weeks as everyone figures out how they'd like to use it, so please don't be shy about showing in ideas for how we can improve it for everyone.

- Minimum booking periods. If you'd like to cut off bookings a certain amount of time before class, you can now.  We get this mostly from clients running 1-1s, who want to prevent last-minute bookings an hour or two before the appointment/class time, but it's available for everyone. Thanks to Sam from Sam Deville Pilates and a few others, you can now set this window at the Class Type level.

- Custom confirmation emails. We've heard this one a few times, but thanks to Kristina from Kristina Green Yoga for the nudge we needed to get it across the line late last week.  Set at the Class Type level, you can now override your standard confirmation email closing (just the last bit after the class details) with specific descriptions or instructions specific to that Class Type.  

- Do you have an upcoming event? If you've got an upcoming event - virtual, in person or hybrid - that you'd like to share with the Instabook community, just drop Jenny a note at jenny@tryinstabook.com and we'll do our best to help you spread the word and share the love!

- REMINDER: Recommendation Request.  Thanks for all the great suggestions so far!  We're still looking for great designers, SEO wizards, social media managers and business coaches you've worked with and loved.  If you know any, we'd love to send a little more business their way by connecting instructors and studios with good people who can help them build their brands.

That's it for now.  Have a great week everybody - high fives and good vibes for being so awesome and helping us build such a fun, diverse community of amazing people.

All the best,
Team Instabook

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