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Weekly Update w/c 6th June

This week is all about tools to help you use and maximize the new features!


Weekly Update w/c 11th April

This email kicks off our new series of weekly updates intended to (i) bring our growing community of instructors and studios closer together and (ii) keep everyone in the loop as Instabook adds helpful new features. New Features this week include Refer a Friend and Text Message Reminders!


Weekly Update w/c 18th April

This email is the second in our new series of weekly updates. We want to kick off by saying we were blown away by the positive response to our last email! Thank you all so much, it means a lot. This week will be a shorter update but we have two very exciting new features that are now LIVE on your admin site...


Weekly Update w/c 25th April

This week we're announcing a feature that might have been our most requested of all time...


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