Weekly Update w/c 9th May 2022

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This Week at Instabook

Hey everybody - happy Mental Health Week!

This is a special week at Instabook because so many people in our community have dedicated their lives to making people healthier, happier, more vibrant and more grounded while raising awareness of the importance of mental health. It's a pleasure and an honor to support those efforts.

As a part of that, we'd also love to show some Mental-Health-Week love and respect for movement instructor and yoga guide Lisa Shaw.  In addition to being the founder of The Movement House, Lisa is long distance open-water swimmer who is trying to become the first person to swim the 860km circumference of all five Balearic Islands...and using the awareness raised by her quest to support children & young adults experiencing trauma and PTSD.

We can't think of many better challenges than one that pushes the limits of what we're capable of as humans while finding ways serving others at the same time.  Check out Lisa and her swim here if and when you have a second.

Oh, there's new features to talk about too.  Lots of them.

- Pages. There's a new tab on your Instabook admin site and it paves the way for a bunch of new features, including most of what we'll talk about in this email.  On that tab, you'll update the page design settings for your client site (these options used to live on your Settings page), your new links page (see below) and a number of other pages that are on the way shortly.  

- New Client Site Settings. When we moved the Client Site settings to Pages, we added a few to help you better match your Instabook Client Site to your brand.  These new settings include:

  • Video Only View - We know some of you only use Instabook to host your gated on-demand videos, so we've made it possible to show only the video section.
  • Use A Profile Pic as Your Logo - We get it. Not everybody has a logo and we've seen more than a few client sites that use pictures instead. This new settings allows you to feature your (preferably square) profile photo where a logo would normally be. Give us a shout if you'd like this setting to be "Photo & Business Name" instead of just a photo.
  • Set The Top Header & Menu Bar Color - We've had a few requests through for this one, so now you can update the color of the top header to match your logo.  While we were at it, we also made the the menu icon dynamic as well so you can change that color too if you'd like.
  • Set Your Client Site Background Color - There are a million shades of off-white, so you can now match your Instabook off white to your website off white to make the branding/experience more consistent.

- Links Page.  You now have a new, completely free, customizable links page included with your Instabook account. This is a little like all the other "Link In Bio" sites out there, but it's more of a "Link and Book and Buy and Join Waitlists in Bio" site.  Give it all a try here.

  • Complete Booking Functionality - One thing we've heard a lot lately is "I get a lot of interaction on Instagram, but I'm having trouble converting".  To help with this, we brought your booking flows up to your Instabook Links page rather than asking users to click out to buy and book. If you have a schedule with us, just set up your Links page, make sure to click the "Use Book Now Button" option and give it a try.
  • Links & Socials - Include as many links out to your various sites and socials as you'd like.  Pull your featured socials up top and link out to everything else down below.
  • Your Brand, Your Designs - You're in control of the design of this page including whether you use a photo or logo as well as being able to set your background type and colors as well as your button, icon and font colors.    
  • Templates - Coming soon. Don't want the hassle of choosing everything? That's cool. Choose one of our templates for background, icon and font colors and run with that.

Whew - that's it for now.  If you've made it this far, we hope you had a great weekend and are looking forward to a fun week ahead.  Thanks gain for all the support and suggestions last week.  Especially you Charlotte Tooth - your awesome positivity is contagious and Team Instabook's been living off it lately.  Thank you!Best Wishes,Team Instabook

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