Our Top 5 Favourite Fitness & Wellness Podcasts:

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Natasha Cornish

If fitness, mental health and general wellbeing is your bag then you absolutely must check out these podcasts for inspiration, a giggle as well as some bloody good doses of education… bonus!

1.    Heavy Mental Podcast

Best for: Mental Health

Hosted by Leila and Rhys – this great duo are shedding some light on all things mental health. Expect to gain a greater understanding of a heavy subject in a candid, light hearted and totally relatable way.  

2.    Yoga Revealed

Best for: Yoga

Hosted by Andrew Sealy and Alec Vishal Rouben this highly engaging pair are interviewing some of today’s most influential Yogis who are sharing their advice on all thing’s yoga.

3.    Bulletproof Radio

Best for: Fitness

Hosted by Dave Asprey – founder of Bulletproof is an author, "biohacker," and researcher who isn’t afraid to experiment on himself or call on vocal experts to break down what he hasn’t tried out yet. And he does it all to keep listeners in the loop about all the strategies out there to reach their fitness and health goals

4.    Joe Rogan

Best for: Humans

Hosted by Joe Rogan -  Joe has some really smart guests on the podcast talking about everything from health to history to humour, and we learn a lot in the process. Joe asks good questions. Questions we would want to ask.

5.    Sincerely, Hueman

Best for: Feel good, wellbeing

Hosted by the Hueman Good Media team, this heart-warming podcast features the Stories of kindness in action... Sincerely, Hueman features the diverse, vivid lives of advocates, philanthropists, and change makers who are making a positive impact in their communities.

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