Weekly Update w/c 11th April

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Hey there -

We hope you're well and having a great start to the week!

This email kicks off our new series of weekly updates intended to (i) bring our growing community of instructors and studios closer together and (ii) keep everyone in the loop as Instabook adds helpful new features.

We've been launching new features nearly every day lately,  and many of you have asked us to do a better job of letting everyone know when we launch new features.  We hear you, and this email is one of our first two steps on that path.  The second step is our new alerts tab, located here.

Kicking off this week we’re super excited to announce the two most suggested features that are now LIVE on your admin site….

1. Refer a Friend - you can now earn up to $1,000 per business referral.  Find out more here.

2. Text Message Reminders - ditch crowded inboxes and send a text reminder to clients for their upcoming classes.

In addition to these two features, we've also added a bunch more fun stuff including (i) a new Links tab on your admin site with the ability to set up direct links to class packs, locations, specific events, individual videos and more, (ii) the ability to set up and use discount codes on workshops and courses, (iii) a new Knowledge Base page that makes it easier to learn how all our features work and (iv) a bunch of smaller improvements that are all intended to save you time and/or help you grow your business.  A

s always we're super grateful for all your support and wonderful suggestions - please keep them coming.  

Have a great week everyone - high fives!

All the best,

Team Instabook

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