Weekly Update w/c 25th April

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Hey everybody!

Spring is (finally!) in the air in most of the US and UK, so we'll keep this week's update short and sweet and let you get back to soaking it all up.

This week we're announcing a feature that might have been our most requested of all time:

Promotion codes on Memberships - You can now create promo codes on Memberships! This feature lives on the Manage tab of the admin site under Promotions in the drop down. Existing codes can now be applied to memberships as well as packs, workshops and courses or you can create new codes applicable to only your memberships.  Once a promo code is created and used to subscribe, the discounted membership rate will be applied until the membership is canceled. We've also had a couple requests already for an addition to this feature allowing a discount to be applied only for a certain number of billing cycles. It's definitely possible to do that, so let us know if that's how. you want to use this feature so we can bump the addition up in our development roadmap.

Last week we also pushed a bunch of little touch-up improvements to existing pages and flows and we're working on some fun new features for this week - both to the core functionality of the platform and a couple new tools/pages to help you save time and money while grow your brand and business.

Wishing you all a great week and looking forward to more great suggestions about how we can keep making Instabook better for everybody - high fives!

All the best,
Team Instabook

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